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Equifax Data Breach – Identity Theft at the Core — 5 Comments

  1. When Rick Smith, CEO of Equifax, stood tall before a Senate Committee to give an accounting, it was discovered that, while Equifax was offering free monitoring for a year as some form of recompense, initially a waiver had to be signed by all who chose to enroll not to sue Equifax, either individually or as a class, for the breach. Found in a hidden passage inserted deep in the “Terms and Conditions” that is usually attached to an agreement of this nature. Once discovered though the clause was deleted from the agreement.

    • The Equifax breach was a rather costly disaster for many who depend on credit reporting agencies to maintain and keep their identity secure.

    • The assurance of having an identity theft protection plan in place can make a huge difference when data breaches occur. Without them, a data breach can be catastrophic, but with one, meh…Usually the protection plan catches the breach before much, if any damage is done. Real benefits for real people. It’s a great option and affordable too. I’ve heard good things about Legal Shield.

  2. I was a victim of the Equifax Breach, it took weeks to get everything fixed. Thank God for Legal Shield. It saved my butt. That waiver Rob Ludwig spoke of, was part of the process of fixing their problem. They didn’t want anyone to sue them. I’m not sure I would have been willing to trust them, with or without the waiver.

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